How can you get more space in the City?

Custom-Built Loft Beds, Bunk Beds and Murphy Beds in NYC.
Our craftsmanship brings you more peace, happiness and flow.

Space-Saving Carpentry, and Custom Loft Bed Solutions. 

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What's Hot:

Lofts with Recessed Lights!

Yes we do lofts with recessed lights. Available in white lacquer finish, or whitewash stain. Pine tongue and groove center bead boards.


Suspended Rods and Chains, Instead of Columns

Our clients love it when we free up more floor space by putting in a loft with a suspended rods, or chains. Sometimes we clad those rods in copper.

“I couldn’t be happier with what these guys put together for us! It’s a platform loft bed...and it’s truly gorgeous. More importantly: it’s solid as a rock. I have been in it with my son, wife, and myself, and it doesn’t budge a millimeter. I could throw a dance party up there; seriously. These guys felt so trustworthy to me, and had such a pleasant, friendly vibe, I was stunned. I plan to hire them several more times in the year to come.”
— Patrick, Brooklyn, NY
Sander Hicks of the Zen Space Makers company and LoftBedsUSA introduces you to his wood shop in New York City where his team hand crafts unique and creative furniture. They are USA's only full service, nation-wide, loft bed builders.
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Hi There. I'm Sander.

I'm the head of the company. We love making you a loft bed/furniture project. Please start HERE on the FAQ and Pricing Page.


Let's Build!

We want to make what you need.

Our Popular styles

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 Our great designs and greatest works.

Our great designs and greatest works.

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Slide into your day

Kids love slides - we made a custom slide for a small kids room in a West Village apartment - he loves it.

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Beds for the Kids!

...and Bunk beds for all ages.