How we work?


Our promise to our customers:

All customers get a sketch or drawing, with measurements, so that they know exactly what they are getting. 

We like to make sales of loft beds in person, after a first meeting, in which we show wood samples, and make sketches.

We will give you our Change Order policy, in writing, before we start work. 

Since we are licensed contractors, you have a "Right to Cancel the Sale within Three Days" at the time of sale. 


What we believe:

1. "What is most essential is the practice of attention." Don’t rush. Give yourself time. Give yourself compassion.

2. Work without distractions. Work with a sober crew. We seek out coworkers who have made a commitment to lead clean, sober, mindful lives. “Turn to reality, and annihilate fantasy.” -YuanWu, Zen Letters

3. Be honest about your experience, knowledge, and ignorance. Learn.

4. Build to last. Build with care for the Earth. Build with passion and compassion, for the customer and co-workers.

5. Take care of the tools. Save extra materials. Take an extra 30 seconds here and there to be in the moment. Clean up. Wrap up cords. Think how you can do little things to keep a safer workplace. 

6. Wear a tool belt. 

7. Work with nature. Design and build in a way that is integrated with nature, not to conquer nature. Re-use materials from the demolition.

8. Go the extra mile. Give customers something extra.

9. Embrace architecture. Don't over-revere the theoretical, but apply it. Some of the most essential philosophers in history were carpenters. Think of Whitman building houses in Brooklyn. Jesus said “cleave the wood and there am I."

10. Take "morning break." Teach each other tai chi, stretches, breathing exercises, yoga or zazen during morning break.