Well, Yes and No.

We can give ballpark prices on the phone, or email. We are full of free advice! And phone and email consultations from us are free. These exchanges are fun! Clients often send pix, design inspirations, floor plans, even videos. We in turn often send sketches, (or do also offer full color 3D renderings for a fee. It’s rare, but sometimes people want to pay for designs, before buying a whole bed from us.) What usually happens is a free dialogue. It's a great way to exchange images, trade ideas, collaborate, come up with a great design that works for you.

But since we have a specialized niche business, and we have SO much great information on our website, we have a policy that the first meeting concludes with a deposit.

So we do ask for a "meeting of the minds" before then.

So, the bottom line is that we do not offer the normal "free estimates" thing because we have such a great service, great designs, great online reviews, and pictures. We want to work with you.

Where do you get your local hardwoods?

We get small batches of local hardwoods milled by tree men and sawyers, guys like Jeff Olson. We have bought materials from Jeff for over seven years. He specializes in small-scale, eco-conscious harvesting of logs that fall naturally (or need to be cleared from a piece of property) in Upstate NY or New England. We love him so much we made a small video about him on our videos page!

Do you do other work?

Yes, We Do It All.
Your loft bed can come with a desk, a closet, a bookcase, cubbies for storage, or a fireman's pole. We also have this great new site for Zen Carpentry Contracting.



New York State consumer protection law says that if we sell you a loft bed in your home, you have three business days in which you can cancel, for a full refund, no questions asked. We follow this law, as licensed contractors.